Rip Van Winkle Wakes To Occupy Fantasy Island

zzzzzzzz…huh…what the…?

We just woke up. Been taking a snooze. The summer went by in a haze of same old, same old. But our world has not been idle.

Gaddafi is gone, a thug killed by thugs. Gee, thanks NATO, big improvement.

The US national debt cannot be tamed because of political hacks on all sides.

The GOP presidential candidates are all…the same hacks.

Economic Wall Street commentary remains ignorant of reality, of what we at Crazy Ops predicted years ago, that the US will be in this “new normal” for quite some time, get used to it. They continue to talk of a double dip, of “another” recession. News Flash: ITS THE SAME ONE, IDIOTS.

The last 30 years, the Reagan Revolution, Supply Side, Trickle Down, Dot Coms, all built on smoke and mirrors.

The government and 99% of the population put it all on plastic.

The other 1% received the benefits.

Now we have Occupy Wall Street. This is difficult to quantify, but dangerous to underestimate. Many with their own agendas are attempting to hijack the movement, but this is not easy, because this animal has no head, but it has dozens of legs.

Long, long legs. This could be good, but it could go very very bad, quickly. Scott Olsen, Iraqi War Vet, is now the first genuine symbol for the Occupy Movement. We are afraid he won’t be the last

What would Jesus do? He would Occupy. In fact, he was the first. He threw the bankers out of the Temple in the only violent act of his short life.

“The Messiah entered the temple and drove them out. He said to them: “It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves (Mt. 21:13).”

Occupy Wall Street: We’re Just Getting Warmed Up

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