The Jena Six: Exposing Our Limitations

Amazing. Racism? In a small, poor southern US town? In 2007?? If you’re surprised, don’t be. Let’s list the present day symbols and realities that shed light on race relations in America:

– In the town of Jena, the 85% majority whites run the school board and the school. If there is no way to hold them accountable, there must be countless lawyers willing to take on a 1964 revisit of civil rights to further their careers at little or no charge. Or, the NAACP should surely help out where they are REALLY needed, in the South.

– Race relations in the US have come a long way since 1964, but they won’t go any further. Those who are able to deal with equal rights do so, and those who cannot will not be “educated” or “enlightened” into becoming color blind. Some of this is an ignorance gene in the DNA, and it can be masked by economic factors, but it will always exist.

– The issue includes all races, and the US media only plays up the black vs. white incidents with such vigor. Consider Iraq, where US mercenary groups and the US military treat civilians as less than human, mere “collateral damage”. Some of this is just War Is Hell, but it is oh so much easier to handle when They Are Not Like Us.

– Other races are permeating US popular culture as never before, both in quantity and quality. Unlike the mass immigration in the 1800’s and 1900’s of Europeans, who assimilated into the culture, this new wave is “in your face”. Pop culture and media feed the frenzy, and hope they provoke a reaction.

This “in your face” is what happened in Jena. A black [hip-hop/gangsta/rap] posse went looking for revenge on a white [pickuptruck/hillbilly/billybob] because of the perceived school board inequality of justice, compared to the suspended white noose hangers.

“Free The Jena Six”? Hardly. Tell David Bowie to save his money for something worthwhile. Either suspend the Jena Six, or prosecute all equally, Blacks and Whites. Under no moral code should anyone go “free”.

Part of the race problem that CAN be solved, is everyone accepting responsibility and consequences for their actions, and STOP BEING VICTIMS. Stand up and be heard; don’t resort to the tactics of your enemies!


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