Drugs Of The Moment: Please Ignore Reality

If the kids survive lead poisoning, perhaps they will live long enough to commit suicide or merely mutilate themselves. Now they are taking their pierced, cut and tattooed selves into the woods and finding new things to ingest which aren’t yet illegal. Nothing common like banana peels. Merely weeds such as Salvia and Jimson Weed, or anything the ‘Net serves up as the cool-new-drug-of-the-moment.

What is missing here, the common denominator, a missing link, the overlooked thread which news never reveals [or chooses to ignore]?

Parents. Families. The sad fact is that with the new society evolved over the last 50 odd years, the “extended family” has replaced the “nuclear family”. the problem with “extended” anything, is that by definition, they are stretched thin. Add to that the reality of the new self absorption, navel gazing and narcissism of parents and siblings [can you say “reality show”?], and presto!

New Reality: Children Raise Themselves [qualifications not required]. After all, we just don’t have the time.

Oh, in case you are hit with a case of the guilts, and become a “helicopter parent”, it won’t substitute for the real thing.


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