Lead Hysteria: Please Ignore Reality

If the kids stop eating the house [paint], and stop eating the toys [paint], perhaps they’ll be safe? Not a chance. The lead hysteria has moved to the grass roots level; now you can take your kids and toys for free lead screenings and lead blood tests. Hysterical parents are then tearing up their houses and belongings when their kids test positive for lead, suspecting everything from Mexican candy wrappers to coffee mugs and salsa bowls.

Crazy Opinions Official Reality Check: Ever hear of “background radiation”, the level of rads in the environment around us? Guess what? There is also “background lead” contamination. Lead is everywhere, in the air, in the soil, in the water. Some is natural, but the bulk of this lead is the result of 150 years of industrial progress, man-made and introduced into the environment in countless ways. Doubt us? Have your favorite news outlet investigate, and have them test just one thing: the soil anywhere within the right-of-way of a road or highway. They will soon forget the lead, when they discover the miriad of heavy metals and other toxins we breathe and touch every day.

Sleep tight, all is well!

What’s Your Score? Tough Luck!

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