Nukes Forever: Sealing Up Chernobyl

One of the reasons developed countries never believe that third world countries want nuclear power [that reactor must be for weapons!], is simple: no advanced civilized society should want to mortgage their future for a quick energy fix in the present. At least, none advanced enough to build a nuclear reactor. Now, if you buy one instead of build it, then you just might be a squalid backwater of tin shacks with a grudge.

Which brings us to the Russians, who will soon be sealing up the Chernobyl reactor site [again; the first concrete cap is coming apart] that melted down 21 years ago. They will add a steel enclosure which should last 100 years, enough time for them to dismantle the contaminated reactor core inside. Right. Any volunteers? Who’s first?

Think advanced coutries are any better? Crazy Opinions is 100 miles from a reactor that had to shut down because of a corroded reactor cover. Almost developed a hole, which would have begun a second Chernobyl. Caught the problem just in the nick of time, too.

Sleep tight, world! Pay no attention to nuclear waste half-lives, you wouldn’t understand it anyhow.

Nukes, Gotta Love ‘Em!

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