Radiohead: Finally, Their Real Purpose

The landscape is littered with indie pop bands, and most have the same pedigree wherever they were hatched. The UK band Radiohead is no exception. After working the depressed teenager schtick as far as it would go, they woke up one day, realized themselves as “old”, and began to mix it up. I’ll give them credit for actually having a very, very deep thought, one which may have escaped most bands [with anything to lose, anyway]: What Is Music Really Worth?

Don’t get us wrong, this concept can be carried over to psuedo variations on the same [remember in the glory days?] “name your price” hogwash, but just stop for a minute and really ponder the ramifications. On one level, this is just music “shareware”, and we have all seen the future of that. On another level, it questions the very foundations of the consumer society the world evolved into [and continues to].

Go, go Radiohead! Give it all away and let your worth be determined by the consumer masses. We salute the experiment, and wish you success. The world is watching.

Radiohead, By Yaron

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