Nobel Peace Prize: Gore 2007 & Carter 2002: Notes On Statesmanship

We’re sure much hay will be made in the conservative media about Al Gore and his new Nobel Peace Prize. Suffice it to say that you would have to look hard to find a conservative politician, living or dead, who gave up politics for idealism in a class way.Widely panned during his presidency, Carter has ignored critics and followed his convictions across the globe since 1980. Whatever you think about his convictions, going toe-to-toe with a third world Sudanese security lackey in Darfur, shows more spine than any currently alive politician or CEO. He recently turned 83! Nobel Peace Prize, 2002.

Widely panned during his vice-presidency and beyond, Gore has done the same, albeit in a different vein. His refusal to be “drafted” to run in 2008, if it holds, will be the beginning of his evolution as a senior statesman.

The actions of most sitting US Presidents tend to rub the world in the wrong way, mostly to the detriment of the US. Some even do both, and hurt the world image and the country itself. Something happens, perhaps, after leaving office, to cause them to gain perspective. Cynics may say this is just “legacy building” for the history books.

If so, gimme more ‘o that!

Gore Ponders The Future; Carter Gets Down In Darfur

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