Bhutto Returns To Pakistan? Look Out, Mushy!

So Benazir Bhutto will get off the plane in Islamabad, and:

1) be hustled back onto the plane by government goons [deja vu?]
2) be allowed to get into a vehicle which will blow up a few miles away
3) rejoin her Pakistan Peoples Party, become Prime Minister, and effectively rule Pakistan jointly with Musharraf
4) be trampled by millions of adoring fans and be given an elaborate state funeral

The best part of contemporary Asian politics, is the utterly unpredictable nature of the outcomes. Not to mention the colorful characters on the world stage!

Where else but Pakistan, can former political party leaders be accused of massive corruption, yet lounge around in exile in Dubai wearing a regulation Muslim Mini Skirt?

It makes us wonder if Osama himself will meet her at the airport with his stunner shades on? [see our September 11th, 2007 blog post] Tune in tomorrow!

Cult Of Personality?

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