Rats: The WGA Is Chewing A Hole In The Bottom Of The Ship!

It’s Deja Vu all over again. Obviously, Hollywood pays no attention to Detroit. After three-plus months of acrimonious negotiations, the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers are at a draw and the WGA goes out on strike. Mostly, writers want a bigger piece of DVD sales and a slice of new media too.

The last time this happened back in 1988, when the only video alternative to movies and TV were on VHS tape, about 9% of the audience was lost. Now, with the battle for leisure time against the Internet, along with the health crusade to get up off the couch, the screenwriters are going to chew a hole in the bottom of an even larger ship than the UAW!

Imagine if you will, if there were an alternative to personal transportation that could potentially obsolete the automobile. Then, the UAW goes on strike for a larger cut of the shrinking profits. Silly?

The screenwriters have been warned. The ridiculous appeal of reality programming shows no sign of abating. The quality of movie releases shows no sign of improving.

Perhaps screenwriters could find employment writing new games for video game consoles? Or would that require too much imagination?

Money For Nothing?

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