Obesity Levels Off: It’s All About The Benjamins!

So the US obsession with food may be over, according to a new study. Women since 1999 and men since 2006 are not getting fatter! Not getting thinner, mind you, just staying put.

Some experts claim this is because weight management and healthy lifestyles are taking hold in a more realistic way. People are using realistic goals to not get bigger. We’ll tackle smaller later, maybe next year.

Here at Crazy Opinions, we don’t buy it for a second. In case you haven’t noticed, food and energy [left out of most price indexes and inflation indicators, how convenient for politicians!] are heading through the roof, in tandem.

Gee, if you had a choice between gas and food, which would you choose? Your body can run on less food just fine, but your car just stops dead on the road if you give it less gas.

Human nature is vastly more simplistic than most experts want to admit. Can’t afford it? Take money from something else to pay for it.

Shifting priorities? Go figure!

Too Big? Wimp!

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