Glenn Beck Needs To Buy A Clue

Normally, we take a dim view of radio talk show hosts. They tend to favor ratings over substance. Mr. Beck, however, always seemed a bit more balanced, a bit more fair in his judgements. If he wasn’t, it was probably because the intent was sarcastic comedy or satire.

It now appears that Glenn Beck has taken leave of his senses. His rantings this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, on his website and elsewhere, border on crass sensationalism, ala reality television.

Granted, the health care system in the US is broken and needs help before it collapses. Mr. Beck is making vague claims that the majority of the health care workers did not care about him, really. They also gave him drugs which made him feel badly.

Please, Glenn, wake up and smell the coffee of reality. Or, in his case, maybe an upscale Latte Grande. It seems that he is out of touch with what millions of Americans encounter every day in the USA. Did he expect to receive preferred treatment as a celebrity? He isn’t aware that average workers, even health care workers in the trenches, are not paid to care. They are paid to perform a task. In his case the task was to remove inflamed anal tissues, control bleeding and relieve pain. This, they did do, even by his own accounts.

If Glenn is upset that he came out of his drugs too quickly, blame outpatient surgery procedures and expensive hospital stays. If he is upset that his drugs had nasty side effects, then he had better learn what narcotic pain killing drugs are, and what they do.

We have sympathy for his medical condition and the less than stellar bedside manner of his caregivers, but his naivete stumps us. Of course, this could be his backhanded way of generating discourse on the subject.

With his money, he should’ve been able to afford only the best care. If not, then buy some clues. If this is any indication, Mr. Beck has a long, turbulent life ahead of him as a first-hand consumer of products and services.

We can’t wait to see what he tries to buy next. Like Rush Limbaugh, perhaps he’ll go after more of those crazy drugs!

Glenn Is Trolling For Ratings Again

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