What? A $150B Economic Stimulus Package? Are They Crazy?

Surely, they cannot be serious. A country seriously in debt proposes to give 150 BILLION dollars to its citizens, who are also seriously in debt. If there’s an economic downturn in store for the US in 2008 [rhetorical statement], then it’s merely a consequence of past misdeeds.

Indeed, time to face the music.

Yet, not one of the presidential candidates comes out against this package. Most are busy proposing their version. Only the Libertarian Ron Paul is against it in principle, yet nothing in his official releases or blog specifically denounces this stimulus package.

Where are YOU going to spend your windfall? If you do the right thing, and pay down your debt, then you won’t stimulate the economy!

Let’s sum up: the US government is officially encouraging you to be irresponsible with your money.

Or is it just us? After all, WE admit we’re Crazy!

Oh, Good! Our Hero!

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