Google Gmail Custom Time: Thanks, Google!

Wow! Who else but the brainiacs at Google would be able to trick me into reviewing quantum mechanics and the Grandfather Paradox, all in only two clicks? Suddenly, long dusty pages of old sci-fi novels came alive again!

Even funnier, is the fact that once again, I spent about 30 seconds in indignant “are they crazy?!?” type outrage, as I did LAST April Fools Day, before I got the joke.

Thanks, guys! We all need the laugh about now.

The NOT so funny aspect of this, is that we can even THINK that the idea would be acceptable by any standards.

In 2008, I look for someone to be hard at work on the Email Time Stamp Spoof, right now. Most likely, in China or Nigeria.

Happy April Fools Day!

Awesome! I want it NOW!

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