NEWS FLASH: Arabs Planning For Oil Free Future

Our Muslim friends in the Middle East see the writing on the wall. It’s not because the US is in love with hybrids and ethanol, either. They are, after all, pragmatic businessmen. Perhaps a bit clairvoyant, also.

They will not increase production and run out of oil too soon. Why spoil a good thing? Yet, eventually it will run out. Even more realistic, is that well before then the prohibitive cost of energy will send the world into a semi-permanent recession.

So, they must diversify their holdings. They can buy up depressed US real estate at a brisk clip, and after they own us outright, they can sell us SNACKS!

What? After you’ve made an island out of sand that looks like a palm tree, and an indoor ski slope, what’s left? Something the Middle East is NOT known for: FOOD.

Yes, move over Frito Lay and Nabisco, here comes Global Brands and Sorbee Foods, with help from the unflappable United Arab Emirates and their Minees(tm) cookies!

Available at a discount retailer near you. Local price was $1.00 for a package of 10 snack packs (6 cookies each).

As their neighbors descend into chaos with food riots, let us implore Dubai to airlift emergency cookies!

Cookies In The Desert! Food Riots, Be Gone!

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