Oily Depression Made From Carbon Footprints, Part 1

Here we sit, smack in the middle of 2008. Our earlier suspense is now over, as the fall US presidential candidates are almost formally anointed. What will they face this fall, and what issues are going to frame the debate? Here are our choices:

1) Get more oil, or just admit it’s a lost cause and admit we’d better start finding/using something else, fast?
2) Iraq is all about getting more oil, everything else is just smoke and mirrors.
3) Is this a recession, a depression, and how are both really about the Carbon Footprint, and not just bogus home loans?
4) Does the US bail out both the foolish banks AND their foolish customers? What is THAT about?

We will be covering all these and more as November approaches. Get ready for the ride, as this roller coaster is just getting started!

Recession? What Recession?

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