Is Obama Just Biden His Time?

Yes, we resort to a PUN. What else can you say after the new age golden boy of American politics chooses Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware as his running mate. As we progress through this week of the Democratic National Convention, only one thing comes to mind.

What in the hell is he thinking?

This is the same man who, over a year ago, called Barack Obama the first “mainstream” African American candidate who is “articulate” and “clean”.

Shut This Guy Up, Please!

Now, don’t get us wrong. Joe Biden is a smart guy, even cabinet material. He is NOT the type to put out in front and represent the country, or his previous attempts at higher office would have proven successful. They haven’t, and he isn’t.

This will prove meaningless only if John McCain does not choose wisely. We can hardly wait.

Now, we were quite impressed with Michelle Obama, despite the carefully scripted speech last night. When your wife outshines your veep, there is bound to be trouble ahead…

Joe, Please, Sit Down!

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