Can McCain Trump Obama’s VP Pick?

The convention speech of freshly anointed Democratic candidate Barack Obama last night was both historic oratory, and a bunch of good intentions. Sounds good, now how in the world do you CHANGE Washington from the inside after you’re elected?

It seems he intends to use the connections and wisdom of Joe Biden. Fair enough. But is it enough? If the cabinet is chosen wisely, it may be plenty.

But now we have John McCain rumors about his VP pick today. Will it be another OWG (old white guy)?

Or will he trump the Democrats and do an end around play by choosing a dark horse rebel like first term GOP governor of Alaska Sarah Palin? A rebel in her own right, she rather resembles John McCain back in his old maverick days.

We think, however, that she will not be chosen, or she will decline if chosen.


She doesn’t hang out with OWG’s or bake cookies!

NO Cookies for Old White Guys!

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