Palin To Bake Cookies For McCain!

Gee, he actually did it, and she actually accepted. Even though she is an NRA pistol-packin’ 5 kid mama with a special needs infant son, many GOP stalwarts are dissing his choice as too inexperienced. Hmmm…a mere three years ago she was the mayor of a small Alaskan town [< 9000 population].

What they don’t get, is that with the current mood of the country, the old “only a heartbeat away” from the presidency argument may not hold water, even if it is true in this case.

Palin is what the GOP recognizes as the must-have, young, fresh alternative candidate they need to compete going forward. So, the coattails of McCain have a new rider.

So long, Straight Talk Express.

Hello, NRA Cookie Mama Express!

Oh, John! Have you taken your heart pills today?

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