Wisdom Or Madness Of Crowds?

Sadly, the economy we predicted back in January has come to pass, and the light at the end is not yet in sight. There is change possible, beginning with the upcoming US election next week. Also, the possibility of more economic and social carnage is also possible. It all depends on who wins the election, and how the losers behave afterwards.

There is an election mandate possible here, the first actual “landslide” mandate since 1980. Will the president-elect squander his chance? Will the losers come after him in frustrated rage?

Will we have Wisdom, or Madness? Only the Crowd knows for sure. The Crowd has overspent its means, grown to expect instant gratification, lost its attention span, and has no concept of sacrifice for itself or others.

The government, banks, and corporations have all been complicit in this transformation of society over the last 30 years. Was the foundation for this built on assumptions about human behavior, or did anyone pay attention to that little detail?

We do not think there was any vast conspiracy that led us into the present quagmire, merely greed, ignorance and conceit as the Crowd was fed and nurtured.

Some thought the Millenium year would bring Chaos and Change. It was merely 9 years late. We will have Chaos and Change of some sort. Hopefully, short of Anarchy.

Stay tuned.


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