The Digital Television Scam Rolls On, Maybe June 12?

Congress is wrangling over an extension of the DTV deadline until June, or adding millions to the coupon program to get discounted boxes.

We say, do NEITHER. No more millions of coupons at $40 a crack. Switch it over right now! After all, it’s all about “public safety” and technology for the public good, right?

Just wait until these millions get their DTV boxes only to find out that fuzzy or imperfect reception now equals NO reception and a Blue Screen, instead of something at least watchable. This is truly a gambit by the saturated pay-for-tv market to force the remaining 10% of the US population who cannot, or do not wish to, add a bill for crummy programming to their already overloaded budgets, especially in these tough economic times.

Remember, this is the same industry cabal that refuses to allow A la Carte programming selection and billing for consumers.

What’s that you say? 500 channels and nothing on?

Read a book!

Don’t You Fall For The DTV Scam!

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