The Coming Pandemic: Magical Thinking

In “Empire of Lies, Kingdom of Magical Thinking”, Charles Hugh Smith (October 30, 2007) said, “We in the U.S. live in an Empire of Lies…here in the Empire of Lies, the Kingdom of Magical Thinking is only open for a limited time.”

Smith is referring to the recent real estate bubble and the delusions which led to the debacle, but he is wrong that the Kingdom is now closed. This is because Magical Thinking is not confined to a finite set of rules. Contrare; it is flexible, fluid, adaptable, a thing of beauty in the eyes of the afflicted.

It is a disease, and it is running rampant.

In late 2008, we saw the coming storm, and it has come to pass. We thought then, and now are firmly convinced that the USA (and to some extent the developed world) is in the new Age Of Reality. Some call this the “New Normal”. There is a strong push by some in the media, in the blogs and elsewhere, to deny this reality. They have the disease.

Because of this, these minions claim that mere political solutions, legislation perhaps, or economic wizardry will bring back “normalcy”.

As if a capitalist system wedded to a democratic republic owned by the wealthy was ever “normal”. Can you say “Exceptionalism”?

Make no mistake, there is no political ideology or idealism alone at work here; Magical Thinking deludes Republican, Democrat and Tea Partier alike.

The only question left to ask is: will enough of us be immune to the pandemic to actually run the country?

Or our lives?

Quantum Mysticism Is SERIOUS Magical Thinking!

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